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AG191 Wild (Best-Quality) American Ginseng

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精选美国正野山参 4 oz

AG191 Wild American Ginseng 4 oz
(Best-Quality American Ginseng)


精选美国正野山参 4 oz x 5 盒

AG191 Wild American Ginseng 4 oz x 5 boxes
(Best-Quality American Ginseng)

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Wild American Ginseng Roots. Product of USA, Net weight: 4 oz / box.

Wild American Ginseng grows naturally in the forest without human cultivation. It is usually over 16 years old, relatively wrinkled and light in texture. Wild American ginseng has higher potency and stronger curative efficacy than regular cultivated ginseng. There are about 22 - 26 roots per 4 oz.

Wild Ginseng roots work against the effects of stress and anxiety, combating fatigue. Ginseng can improve digestion, metabolism, appetite, endurance, and as a sexual stimulation for both sexes.

Dose and usage: 10 to 20 grams of ginseng can be used each time for the preparation of steamed tonic tea, or cut it in small pieces, chew and eat. Another convenient way is just putting the sliced ginseng into a cup or vacuum flask with boiling water, cover and soak for about 15 minutes and then drink the water.




家庭切参片简易方法: 用水蒸数分钟,待参变软后即可取出切片。

泡参茶 -- 将10-20克花旗参切片或捣碎用清水煎30分钟饮服,亦可将切碎的花旗参放入热水瓶或热水杯内,加入滚水,密盖15分钟饮用,俱获功效。
调羹佐膳 -- 以鸡、鸭、鸟或猪瘦肉去肥油,配以切片的花旗参,用慢火水炖或煮3小时,食用前加少许调味,即美味可口,老少皆宜。